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Thank you for linking here... to support THE HERITAGE ANNUAL FUND  at St. Thomas Aquinas College!  Your generosity that allows us to continue our shared mission!

THE HERITAGE ANNUAL FUND (formerly the STAC FUND) supports the Legacy and the Mission of the College's founders the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill... the Heritage Annual Fund helps to support everything from Academic and Athletic scholarships... to the maintenance of the physical grounds and buildings of the College. Your support of the HERITAGE ANNUAL FUND is immeasurable!  We cannot thank you enough for being part of the STAC Family!


Thank you for linking here... to support THE POPE FRANCIS SCHOLARSHIP at St. Thomas Aquinas College!

In keeping the spirit and the message of His Holiness' historic visit to the United States alive -- The Board of Trustees has established THE POPE FRANCIS SCHOLARSHIP to provide academic scholarship and financial assistance to first generation and underrepresented students who come to STAC seeking an outstanding value centered education!

Your support of THE POPE FRANCIS SCHOLARSHIP will help make the difference in the lives of many worthy and deserving students who seek a STAC education today... and who like the many generations of Alumni who came before them... will become outstanding leaders and citizens of our Global Society! 


Donations to a College Special Event can also be made ON-LINE. See instructions below.

In making your donation to the HERITAGE ANNUAL FUND, THE POPE FRANCIS SCHOLARSHIP or to a College Special Event , please note the following special giving club levels:

President's Club - Gifts of $1000 +

Aquinas Club- Gifts from $500-$999

Second Century Circle - Gifts from $250-$499

Century Club - Gifts from $100 - $249

Spartan Club - Gifts from $25 - $99

College 2015 Fall & Winter Special Events -  Many exciting events planned!  You can easily register on line. Gift amount varies by event (see event amounts below) 

The ranges listed above indicate the "giving range" for membership in a particular Giving Club. The amounts next to the "giving buttons" below are the "giving threshold" for that particular Club.  You can donate the "threshold amount" or any amount within the Club's range, or more if you choose!

    • Want to donate at the "giving threshold" amount ... just click on the "club level button" next to that Club.
    • Want to donate a larger amount, or an amount within a range? Then just enter your gift amount in the "OTHER" box... the HERITAGE ANNUAL FUND is already the selected as the default donation...
    • Want to donate to THE POPE FRANCIS SCHOLARSHIP just click on the pull-down menu... select THE POPE FRANCIS SCHOLARSHIP... and proceed to the payment page.
    • Want to purchase a single ticket to a College Special Event?....Just click on the "button" next  to that  single ticket price.
    • Want to purchase multiple tickets to a College Special Event?....FIRST enter your purchase in the "OTHER"  total amount box...and then select "OTHER"  from the "designation pull-down menu" can then enter the description of your purchase (e.g. Alumni Baseball Reunion 4 tickets ....or Defensive Driving 3 tickets)....When you are ready to pay....just click the "Add Donation" button  to record your gift .... and proceed to the payment page.

No matter which way you choose to donate you'll become an important member of the STAC Donor Community... Thank You!

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